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"Working with TGP wasn’t just a pleasure, it was a journey of discovery of all the possibilities and capabilities of e-learning." 

My organisation wanted to bring blended learning solutions to its students so as to maintain our reputation as a leading language and literacy learning provider in front of our competitors. 

Our previous experiences with other vendors only provided us with surface level solutions – we would provide the material; they would adapt it to simple online content with basic levels of interactivity. As our student base is comprised of very young learners, we needed something that would incorporate all the unique aspects of our pedagogy and curriculum whilst being an engaging product that students would readily want to return to. TGP delivered just that! 

Lead LX Architect Mike proved himself to be an exceptionally dedicated creative who would always create richly designed, interactive content of extremely high quality. 

Working with the team was absolutely delightful as no problem was too big and solutions were always found. When reviewing the content, if I ever asked the team “Is it possible to do it this way?” the answer was always yes! 

Working with TGP’s director, Pooja, went beyond simple client-vendor project management. Her tremendous experience and expertise of e-learning combined with her impeccable communication skills not only kept the project on course, it steered the project to something greater than we had originally set out for, thereby giving it a growth perspective. 

Thanks to TGP, our e-learning content now has an active user base of over 10,000 students and is continuing to grow.  


Samuel Bracking  

eLearning & Professional Development Manager, I Can Read 

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