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2020 brought the world to its knees. Schools shut down.
Some scrambled to hold lessons via Zoom.

But for one school, it was business as usual.

Case Study

Trailblazing Disruptor in the World of Education:
Spanish World

Spanish World, a leading language group, foresaw the need to adapt to an increasingly digital world and recognised the potential of blended learning early on. 

Their forward-thinking approach allowed them to proactively prepare their curriculum and infrastructure for the transition to an online platform.

When the unforeseen disruption of COVID-19 hit, the school was well-equipped to seamlessly continue its operations without any disruptions. By embracing blended learning, they survived the pandemic’s challenges and thrived in a digital environment.

Digital self pace

Spanish World’s commitment to student progress and their business acumen turned them from a brick-and-mortar centre to a fully online platform. Carolina Rojo, the Chief Learning Officer, with her sharp digital prowess, propelled Spanish World with innovation. Spanish World seamlessly integrated traditional classroom instruction with self-paced digital lessons. 


This visionary institution has set a new standard, an inspiration to harness the transformative potential of its holistic learning model.

offline to online

Unleashing the Power of Blended Learning


What’s the secret of the Spanish World’s success? A seamless fusion of traditional classroom instruction and self-paced digital lessons. 


Through this dynamic approach, students are immersed in a rich learning experience that transcends the limitations of time and space. The synergistic combination of face-to-face interaction and engaging online resources creates an unparalleled educational journey, empowering learners to unlock their full potential and truly excel in Spanish.

Blended learning at Spanish World beautifully combines the strengths of traditional in-school classes with the flexibility and individualised learning opportunities offered by self-paced digital lessons.

With inductive learning, students first work on their own through videos, texts, audios, and are guided to discover the vocabulary and rules of the language. Thereafter, they attend a live class that provides them with face-to-face interaction, personalised guidance, and a supportive learning environment.


Furthermore, the self-paced digital lessons allow students to review, practice, and explore the language at their own pace. This combination creates a powerful synergy that optimises the learning experience and ensures that students have a well-rounded foundation in the Spanish language.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Blended learning at Spanish World fosters an environment where knowledge acquisition becomes dynamic and personalised. The combination of live classes and self-paced digital lessons empowers students to take charge of their learning, offering them flexibility and autonomy to delve deeper into the language.


By seamlessly reinforcing concepts, providing interactive exercises, and promoting individual exploration, this disruptive model ignites a passion for learning that transcends boundaries and propels students towards fluency and mastery.

Self paced digital content
Flexibility, Accessibility, and EXPANSION!

Not only does it provide students access to learning materials and resources without the constraints of fixed class times, it allows Spanish World to expand its own pool of experts. Unshackled by international work permits and overheads of hiring native Spanish speakers in Singapore, Spanish World now has over 30 qualified native Spanish teachers from Spain, México, Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela.


They are also unhindered by geographical constraints and conduct lessons for students from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, England, Spain, Colombia, and many more.

In conversation with the trailblazer herself


Chief Learning Officer


Pooja Jain


With its pioneering spirit and unrivalled success, Spanish World is a bold disruptor. By seamlessly adopting blended learning, they have harnessed the power of technology to propel language education to new heights.

Join this disruptive movement that transforms education as we know it!


Transcend the constraints of traditional classrooms. 


Amplify student engagement.

Achieve extraordinary learning outcomes.

Embrace blended learning.

Are you ready to reshape the future of education?

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