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Meet Our Core Team

Our Process


Analysis and Action Mapping

TGP’s consultants with over 20 years of experience each will have a series of discovery sessions with you and your stakeholders to understand your requirements and your constraints. 



Using the latest technology might make for glossy training, but is it effective learning? We weigh the cost of technology against estimated ROI to design learning experiences that are relevant to learners.


Proof of Concept 

With our breadth and depth of capabilities, we engineer a proof of concept to showcase the solution best-suited for your business and learners.  



Once you are satisfied with the design and the POC, we develop detailed storyboards that form the blueprint of all media assets, define the content flow and the learning experience.


Media assets, text and immersive element are integrated in SCORMs or other interactive outputs.



The TGP team hands over all the modules, working files and deliverables. We will assist you to set up the learning experience on your LMS. 



An oft-ignored stage of the ADDIE process at most eLearning companies, TGP strongly recommends being engaged in evaluating the success of the product. 

Our focus on effectiveness and Project Management means you get the results you want while working with a team that has your back. 

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