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Custom learning solutions for every budget.

Relevant, efficient, and effective eLearning and blended learning solutions for businesses and educational institutes.

The TGP Experience

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in crafting tailored learning experiences for educators and enterprises who value results over one-size-fits-all solutions. Our focus? Game-based and scenario-based learning designed to captivate, engage, and impact performance and growth.

What sets us apart? We're not just vendors; we're partners. We work closely with you to understand your needs and budget, delivering high-quality solutions that drive real impact.

Consultative, strategic partner

Consultative, strategic partner

We don’t create isolated products. We partner with you to architect the learning landscape of your school or organisation and the digital transformation you require. TGP will always have your back.


Learner-centric programmes

Digital learning products should have maximum impact on the learners' performance, learning and growth, and that’s exactly what TGP provides.

Expert team.png

Expert team of fun professionals

Our international team of skilled Instructional & Learning Designers are multimedia experts, avid gamers, and encompass a collective experience of 60 years in eLearning.


Collaborative team

Our geographically dispersed but virtually connected and coordinated team means that once you engage our services, someone in the team will always be working on your project somewhere in the world. Smooth workflows, quicker rollout, and unparalleled quality.


Savings that no other EdTech vendor can provide

As a 100% remote-working company, we are able to keep our overheads low and transfer the cost benefits to our clients.

What is the
Growth Perspective?

The Growth Perspective was formed to promote personal and professional growth by crafting continuous, meaningful learning experiences.  
What technology do we use to do this, you ask?

TGP’s multidisciplinary creative team with its two decades of experience in the L&D space is a powerhouse of experts from the fields of gaming, animation and video production. But we don’t tout any particular technology. What does TGP really do then?  

Technology that Suits YOUR Needs

We do it all and we do it with aplomb. But, ethics form the core belief system at TGP and for that we are firm believers in providing you with solutions that solve your business needs and address your learning gaps.  




Animations are a great storytelling tool to make concepts and complex ideas easy to understand. Animated scenarios engage learners by setting the relevant context making. learning interactive and enjoyable.


Scenario-based learning.gif

Scenario-based learning

Using scenario-based learning (SBL) creates interactive, realistic situations to engage learners in problem-solving and critical thinking, improving understanding and skill development.




Gamification is a game-changer in eLearning! By applying game elements such as points, badges, leaderboards, and challenges, to non-game contexts like education or business engages learners actively and directly impacts  the learning outcomes.


H5P interactive video

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos in eLearning are engaging multimedia resources where learners actively participate by making choices, clicking hotspots, and responding to quizzes within the video content. 


Articulate SCORMs

Articulate SCORMs

Articulate SCORMs are eLearning modules created using Articulate authoring tools like Storyline or Rise, designed to be compatible with Learning Management Systems (LMS) using the SCORM standard. They offer interactive, trackable, and versatile online courses.

Client Testimonials

Samuel Bracking 
eLearning & Professional Development Manager

"Working with TGP wasn’t just a pleasure, it was a journey of discovery of all the possibilities and capabilities of e-learning. Thanks to TGP, our e-learning content now has an active user base of over 10,000 students and is continuing to grow."

Ready to transform the way you train, learn and grow?

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