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Custom Learning Solutions

TGP provides relevant, efficient, and effective eLearning and blended learning solutions for businesses and educational institutes.

What is the
Growth Perspective?

The Growth Perspective was formed to promote personal and professional growth by crafting continuous, meaningful learning experiences.  
What technology do we use to do this, you ask?

TGP’s multidisciplinary creative team with its two decades of experience in the L&D space is a powerhouse of experts from the fields of gaming, animation and video production. But we don’t tout any particular technology. What does TGP really do then?  

Technology that Suits YOUR Needs

We do it all and we do it with aplomb. But, ethics form the core belief system at TGP and for that we are firm believers in providing you with solutions that solve your business needs and address your learning gaps.  

Video Production
H5P interactive video

Video Production


Interactive Videos

Articulate SCORMs


Articulate SCORMs


The TGP Experience

We assess and analyse your requirements and adapt our approach to utilise the technology that best suits your needs, not the other way around.   

Consultative, strategic partner

Consultative, strategic partner

With strong core ethics and a culture of respect and commitment, TGP is vested in cultivating long-term relationships by becoming your strategic partner.

Learner-centric programmes


Using the latest technology might make for glossy training, but is it effective learning? We weigh the cost of technology against estimated ROI to create learning experiences that are relevant to learners. You need a product that will have maximum impact on performance, learning and growth and that’s exactly what TGP provides.

Collaborative team

Collaborative team

As a 100% remote-working company, TGP excels at virtual collaboration. The best part of your day will be working with TGP’s cross-discipline team that cares about you and your success. With our team working and collaborating remotely, we are able to keep our overheads low and transfer that benefit to our clients. 

Meet Our Core Team

Ready to transform the way you train, learn and grow?

Please share your requirements and contact information. We will respond within 2 business days.

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